Create games

Do you want to create and publish your own games?

You can do that here at Nilwen.

The first thing you must do to be able to create and publish games here at Nilwen is to sign up. It is super simple!

If you already have signed up you have to log in before you will be able to create games.

There are two ways to create a game: To create a remix of an existing game or to create a game from scratch.

If you want to create a remix of an existing game. You can find a list of remixable games here.

If you want to create a game from scratch. You begin with choosing an appropriate foundation from the list below.

Available foundations

Vector 3d monochrome
Make retro looking 3d arcade games
Level: advanced
Category: arcade
Make grid based games
Level: beginner
Category: grid
Interactive story
Make interactive stories
Level: absolute beginner
Category: interactive story
Manhattan maze puzzle
Make Manhattan maze puzzle levels
Level: beginner
Category: puzzle
Tokyo maze puzzle
Make Tokyo maze puzzle games
Level: beginner
Category: puzzle

What on Earth is a foundation?

A foundation is a base that you can build your own game upon. It takes care of the tedious and tricky parts. While leaving the fun parts of game creation for you.

A foundation is like a specialized game-engine - specialized for a certain type of games.

Nilwen provides you with a set of foundations.

The amount of coding knowhow you need to have to use a foundation varies from foundation to foundation.

From foundations made especially for the absolute beginner - to foundations that requires an in-depth understanding of programming.