What are 3d monochrome arcade games?

Let's answer this question by breaking it up in parts.

The 3d monochrome part is about the type of graphics of the games. While the arcade is the type of game that the foundation is meant to support.

All the graphics in a game created on top of the 3d monochrome arcade foundation is created by the means of monochromatic 3d lines. Like this.

The arcade part is simply that the foundation is mainly made for arcade games.

Using the 3d monochrome arcade foundation you can create your own 3d monochrome arcade games.

Examples of games based on the 3d monochrome arcade foundation

Actor types

You can create actor types which can be used to populate the game with actors.

When you define an actor type you describe the set of components that the actor of the actor type should comprise of.

You can also define functions for updating and rendering the actor. And for actors that can collide - functions for handling collisions.


In a 3d monochrome arcade game a level mainly consists of a setup function that sets the initial state of the level.

The setup function populates the level with actors. The actors can be things like enemies, power-ups, weapons, walls, portals, ... All the standard arcade stuff.


Often in arcade games you need to display things like points, level names and such.

In the 3d monochrome arcade foundation you can use overlays for this purpose.

Overlays can be placed in nine different positions.


Values is a way to manage data that is to be persistent between levels.

A value that is stored in one level can be retrieved in a later level.

This can be useful for example the number of bullets or points that the player has.


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