What is an interactive story?

Let's say you are reading a story. A really good story to boot. Suddenly the story are asking you a question. Maybe whether the heroine should open the secret door. Or whether the hero should miss the bus or not.

Depending on your answer the course of the story will play out differently. That is an interactive story. A story that is interactive.

Simple as pie baked using simple-berries.

An ordinary story consists of a sequence of paragraphs.

You read the first, then the second, and so on. Until you come to the last paragraph.

And every time you read it - it is the same story.

Interactive stories are different. An interactive story consists of situations. A situation is a short text, perhaps a paragraph long, that ends in one or more options.

Depending on which option you select you will be presented with different situation. It is like in a house - depending on which doors you choose to enter you will find yourself in different rooms.

The Interactive story foundation

Using the interactive story foundation you can create and publish your own interactive stories here at Nilwen.

An interactive story is a set of situations.

A situation may contain titles. Titles can be used to give the name of the story or marking the beginning of a chapter.

Situations can also contain paragraphs. A shortish text describing the situation to the player.

Situations can contain options. An option have a target situation and a short text describing the option.

When a player clicks on an option, the story moves on to the target situation of the option.

Situations have names. Two situations may not have the same name.

The names are not visible to the player. They are only used internally.

Every interactive story must have a situation with the name start. This situation is the first situation that a player sees when playing an interactive story.

Examples of games based on the the interactive story foundation


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