What on Earth is a foundation?

A foundation is a base that you can build your own game upon. It takes care of the tedious and tricky parts. While leaving the fun parts of game creation to you.

A foundation is like a specialized game-engine - specialized for a certain type of games.

Nilwen provides you with a set of foundations.

The amount of coding knowhow you need to have to use a foundation varies from foundation to foundation.

From foundations made especially for the absolute beginner - to foundations that requires an in-depth understanding of programming.

Each foundation knows which lessons you have to take before you are ready to create a game upon that foundation.

When you feel that you understand the content of this lesson. You are perhaps ready for the following lessons:
Creating a game
How to create games at Nilwen
The 3d monochrome arcade foundation
How to make a 3d monochrome arcade game
The Grid foundation
How to make a Grid game
The interactive story foundation
How to make an interactive story
The Manhattan maze puzzle foundation
How to make a Manhattan maze puzzle game
The Tokyo maze puzzle foundation
How to make a Tokyo maze puzzle game