A lot like magic

Imagine a wizard. By saying the right magic words in the right order She can make spectacular stuff happen.

Programming is a lot like that. By typing the right words and symbols in the right order, a programmer can make a computer do quite spectacular stuff. Awesome games for example.

At this site, Nilwen, you can learn how to program and also make your own games!

In the same way a wizard must learn how to say the strange magic words in the right way, a programmer must learn how to write programming words and symbols in the right way.

A programmer know how to read and write stuff like:

game.createActor('Zombie', {
    x: ePosition.x,
    y: ePosition.y,
    isFriendZombie: true

Knowing what it all means.

By learning how to program you will be able to make your own programs and games.

Trust me, it is really fun to make programs!

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