What is programming?

A computer game is a computer program.

To be able to create computer games we must first learn how to make programs.

The most common way of making programs is to write a text that describes the program.

As normal human languages as English are way too imprecise to lend themselves to describe programs, one must instead use a programming language for this purpose.

Source code

The text that describes a program is called source code.

Let's try it out

Programming can seem intimidating at first.

Sure, there is a lot to learn. But don't worry. We have prepared everything. Let's start with something simple. Follow these three steps:


Type the following into the the box where it says Enter source code here:


Click Check source code.


Click Run!.

The formerly grey box should now be green.

If anything did fail, error messages will appear, guiding you how to fix the problem.


The character ; is called semicolon and is a very important character in programming. In many programming languages semicolons are used for marking end of statements. Much like a full stop is used in English to mark end of a sentence.

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