About Nilwen

At Nilwen you will find a steadily growing library of games to choose from.

If you want to create and publish your own games. You can do that too here at Nilwen.

If you want to learn how to make games there are a set of concise lessons available for free here at Nilwen.

Each lesson will teach you a vital game coding concept at a time. So you can go on and create awesome games!

About me

I am the creator of Nilwen. A programmer and maker of silly sketches.

I began programming when I was about ten years old. From the first minute of it, I knew that programming would be a big part of my life. Which it has been.

In the beginning I did simple text adventures. And later on arcade games, platform games, strategy games and many other types of games.

As the years passed by my interest shifted away from games. Instead I made music programs, websites, frameworks, programming languages, program for generating videos and stuff likes that.

I ended up working as a programmer. But it all started in my childhood bedroom, learning the fundamentals of the craft while making games.